ear Wax Removal

Ear wax is produced inside your ears to clean them and keep them free from germs, dust, and bacteria. This wax normally passes out of the ears without us noticing however if the wax builds-up it can cause a blockage.

Ear wax removal by micro-suction is a safe and effective method for removing ear wax, providing a gentle alternative to traditional methods like syringing. This procedure involves using a microscope and a tiny suction device to carefully extract excess ear wax without the need for water irrigation. The suction is precise, allowing our Audiologist to target specific areas without causing discomfort or pushing the wax deeper into the ear canal. Unlike ear syringing, micro-suction is suitable for individuals with a perforated eardrum or a history of ear infections. The procedure is typically quick, and patients usually experience immediate relief from symptoms such as partial hearing loss or earache. Micro-suction is performed by our Audiologist, ensuring a safe and efficient process for maintaining optimal ear health. If you’re experiencing ear wax-related issues, get in touch to determine if micro-suction is the right solution for you.

Hearing Assessment

Our hearing assessment is a comprehensive examination conducted by our audiologist Jonathan Hagan to evaluate your hearing. The assessment typically involves a series of tests designed to measure various aspects of your hearing, including sensitivity to different frequencies, speech recognition, and the ability to hear in noisy environments.

We will begin with a chat to identify any potential factors affecting your hearing. Pure-tone audiometry, is then used to see how you respond to tones of different frequencies and volumes, and speech in noise tests may be used to assess your ability to hear spoken words in the presence of background noise. Results from your hearing assessment will help us to diagnose any hearing loss, determine its type and severity, and recommend the appropriate course of action, such as a hearing aid or medical treatment.

Regular hearing assessments are essential for early detection and management of hearing issues and promoting overall well-being of your hearing.

Hearing Aids

If following your hearing assessment a hearing loss is detected we can discuss the options open to you. Optomise is completely independent hearing care provider and as such we have access to every make and model of hearing aid. Hearing aids come in a range of designs and functionality and our job is to ensure we match you with the perfect solution.

We have access to the latest technology, smart phone integration, noise cancelation, environmental adaptation, and they even come in a huge range of colours.

All of our hearing aids come complete with a 4 year warranty, full aftercare package and battery bundle if not rechargeable.


Ear wax by micro-suction – £60

Hearing Assessment – £40 or Free for everyone over 55

Hearing Aids From £995

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Doctor sitting talking to child patient with Holywood Private Clinic sign
Doctor sitting talking to child patient with Holywood Private Clinic sign