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A Dedicated menopause clinic in county down

Menopausal symptoms are wide ranging and can be incredibly difficult to deal with alone. From anxiety to insomnia, these affects of menopause can be very disruptive to your everyday life.

Here at Holywood Private Clinic we believe that no one should have to endure these issues and therefore we are delighted to offer a Menopause package where we have lots of different treatments available for you. We understand that everyone experiences menopause differently and therefore treatment needs are varied from person to person.

The Menopause package includes a 40 minute consultation with Dr Fiona O’Donoghue (face to face or via video-whichever suits your needs) where we will address your particular issues and formulate a tailored treatment plan.

We can also arrange a follow up appointment where we can review your treatment and make any necessary adjustments if needed.

Book online or call us to arrange an appointment at our clinic based in The Culloden Hotel & Spa in Cultra, Northern Ireland.


Initial Consultation – £185

Review Appointment – £100

Dr Fiona O’Donoghue

Dr Fiona O’Donoghue

General Practitioner & Menopause Specialist

Dr Marie-Louise Thornton

Dr Marie-Louise Thornton

GP and GP with extended skills (GPES) in gynaecology