Dermatology Consultations


  • Skin Cancer/Mole Checks: (using a dermatoscope)
  • Age Spot/Sun Spot surgical removal: (see details below)
  • Pigmentation reduction: (see details below)
  • Scar reduction: (acne, keloid & more)
  • General Dermatology: (Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Vitiligo & more)

    Dr Mottram has had extensive training in Skin Cancer Detection during his 3 years in Australia performing Skin Cancer Surgery. Our clinic uses the relatively new technology called dermoscopy. This method is widely considered to be the most accurate, thorough and comprehensive means of detecting skin cancer.

     Using the Dermatoscope along with digital photography any concerning lesions can be surgically removed by our team and sent to the laboratory for analysis. Other lesions can be safely  monitored with repeat examinations and photography over time. 

    Assessment and treatment of single or multiple (age spots/warts) is available using a choice of Cryotherapy/Electrosurgery/Laser/IPL therapy.

    It is vitally important to get an assessment and accurate diagnosis with an experienced Doctor prior to treating any pigmented skin lesions.

    We can offer a wide range of Prescription medications, diagnostic Biopsies, Cryotherapy, Electrosurgery, Microdermabrasion, Laser/IPL/LED,  blood tests & more…





    Our team has extensive experience treating problematic keloid scaring, post operative/trauma associated scarring and extensive acne scarring.

    Treatment plans will be tailored to an individual’s needs often involving a combination of prescription medication, injections, Laser/IPL/LED, Electrosurgery, & more.