HRT Myths

HRT Myths

For many, going through the menopause is a right pain in the neck at best or at worst, one of the toughest times of their life. This can be compounded by old myths surrounding HRT which stop people from either accessing menopause care or being prescribed HRT.

Here are some HRT myths busted to empower those who are currently experiencing menopausal symptoms;

  1. “People should only be on HRT for a certain length of time.”

Many people believe that HRT can only be used for up to 10 years. While there are some risks with longer term HRT use, these are small and shouldn’t limit how long you take HRT. There are many different forms of HRT available now which can reduce risk associated with longer term use. Why get rid of all those frustrating symptoms only to endure them again 10 years later?!

  1. “People with a history of Breast cancer cannot have HRT”

While some HRT preparations can increase the risk of breast cancer, it doesn’t mean someone who has a history of breast cancer cannot have HRT at all. It is important to discuss your history and symptoms with your doctor and explore the risks of HRT along with the benefits. You will be surprised at the safe options available to you! Who wants to beat breast cancer and then have to suffer with horrendous sweats, joint pain and brain fog for the foreseeable?!

  1. “The only benefit to HRT is symptom control.”

Of course, for most, the largest benefit of taking HRT is to reduce symptoms of menopause and get on with living your best life. However, did you know that it has other impressive benefits? It helps protect bone health and prevent nasty fragility fractures which can be life threatening in older age! It has also been shown to prevent cardiovascular disease in some women as well as many other benefits. Make sure to discuss all the benefits of HRT when speaking with your doctor.

Here at Holywood Private Clinic we offer a Menopause service specifically to deal with your issues and ensure the best treatment available.

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